Support and Community

Transportation Services — Central Illinois Friends provides medical transportation to individuals living with HIV in order to obtain their health. In order to receive transportation please contact your Illinois HIV care connect case manager.

Rent & Utilities Services — We help individuals living with HIV afford their steep medical costs by freeing capital and allowing them to afford their health and their life. If you are in need of rent or utility assistance please contact your Illinois HIV care connect case manager.

Community — We serve as a community for individuals living with and affected by HIV. Due to the negative stigma and the lack of knowledge of HIV, individuals living with HIV can feel ostracized or alone, we serve as the friends of those who feel that they are forgotten. If you are living with HIV, we would encourage you to reach out and become a part of our community. Send your name and email address in the contact us tab in order to receive information on events, gatherings, healthy tips, or support groups.

Safe Space — We are HIPPA (Health Information Portability Protection Act) certified and what is said to our employees stays with our employees. We are a client-centered, judgement free environment.

Education — Central Illinois Friends provides free education, mobile STI/HIV services, and seminars for events, schools, jails, retirement homes, and much more. Contact us to schedule your own event.

Project Zero — Project Zero is an educational Support Group only for people who are living with HIV/AIDS. Topics range from Medication Education; Treatment Adherence; Stress Reduction; Benefits; Legal Advice; and other topics for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Dinner is provided but reservations are required. Project Zero meets the first Monday of each month from 5:30p –7:30p. For more information, please contact Central Illinois FRIENDS (309) 671-2144.

Emergency Assistance — We provide assistance to people living with HIV on a case by case basis for a variety of emergency needs. Please call (309) 671-2144 for more information.